Faq Categories: Pre-Project Stage

May 21, 2021
Can I fix my old website instead of starting with a new one?

A website is more than just the physical appearance, it’s also the site architecture and the technology behind it, both of which may or may not be helping or hurting you in Google rankings and user experience. If you’re looking

May 8, 2019
What will my website be built on?

We build all of our websites on a Content Management System, also known as a CMS. This allows you to make updates to your site without having to know any sort of coding language. Depending on your business needs, we

May 8, 2019
How does the website redesign process work?

  Your project will start off with Kick-Off meeting. This is where you meet your Account Manager, Content Director, and Designer(s). At this meeting, you’ll talk through the scope of work, goals, and have an in-depth design discussion. After the

May 8, 2019
How soon can my website launch?

Your launch date will depend on the complexity of your website. Our usual turnaround is between 1-4 weeks, depending on our client’s ability to provide feedback, content, and the overall complexity of the build. If you have a specific launch

May 8, 2019
Will my website be set-up for SEO?

All of our sites are built with best practices and without bloated code, optimizing it for Search Engines. We also like to include SEO Audits in all of our website projects. An SEO Audit consists of looking at your current

May 8, 2019
Do I have to be in Nigeria to work with you?

While we love working with local businesses, we actually work with businesses all over the world and are happy to accommodate. Our team is happy to hop on conference calls, video chats, and do screen shares throughout the process so

May 8, 2019
How much does a website cost?

Throughout your relationship with your Digital Strategist, they are constantly gathering information about your project to provide the most accurate estimate for your project. The cost depends on the amount of time used to design and custom develop your project.